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View, share and create video presentations from product and service videos

"We are launching the newly updated Videofarm 3.0 platform officially June 9th 2014! This will be the first time we've opened up our video library to the entire industry and the best part.. it's free to all distributors! This version is 100% responsive working across all screens including all + players and video content. Every video is transcoded into 6-10 different formats and bitrates ensuring only the best performance no matter the device or bandwidth. Distributors for the first time will have access to hundreds of product videos we've created over the last 5 years, not to mention some great built in tools allowing them to share unbranded versions of the content. We have the largest collection of quality product content in the industry without question and have been working towards this launch for over 7 years now, needless to say we're very excited.” President, Jeff Anderton

Project Launch Coming June 9th, 2014


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