Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to be present when my product videos are shot?

Unless you are planning on visiting the Rocky Mountains for some fresh Colorado air and a concert at Red Rocks, no. We will work with you to get all of the information and product we will need to create the best video for you prior to the shoot, so you will have not have to come to the studio on the day your video is shot.

What should I send to to have a product video shot?

If your product comes in different colors, shapes or you have different imprinting methods, send AT LEAST one of each. The more product samples you send, the more creative we can get when we are shooting the video. Nothing more boring then seeing one pen or tube of lip balm on the screen for 30 seconds - so go nuts! We also ask that you send us ALL props that will go along with the item being shot if needed. For example, If your product is a business card holder, please send the business cards that will go in it. We do have the ability to supply some props, but don’t assume we will be able to dig up a Kindle Fire for your Kindle Fire holder. If you are unsure, please ask. If we are required to search for a particular prop we don’t have on hand, it might slow down production.

I had a video produced by, now what do I do?

Are you hungry? Tacos are good. Knitting is fun, roll down a hill, or make out with your wife.. OR you can start to SHARE your brand spankin’ new video over social media, add it to all of your email marketing campaigns, or add it to your website! We will help guide you to get that video in front of all of your customers in the most unique and creative ways imaginable. Once people see it, they have a tendency to pass it on to others. So once the hits start, they usually begin to build quickly!

How fast can my product videos be shot?

Good question... This depends on how quickly you can send us your products, how fast we get approval on your scripts and how booked our shooting schedule is. We can discuss your needs and will do all we can to expedite your videos if needed. Contact us!

I’d like to have the most creative viral video imaginable! Help me!!

This doesn’t seem to be a question.. but, hey, relax! You want the best outcome? Leave it to our team! We LOVE to make these videos and we consider them our most memorable work. To start, we will discuss your needs, market and desired outcome - then let us “have at it”! We will fully create a script and plan for your masterpiece as well as an accompanying marketing campaign to help launch your new product or endeavor. These videos always turn out to be our clients best marketing investment they have ever made!

My nephew’s best friend’s sisters uncle’s 2nd wife has a video camera and iMovie, why shouldn’t I just have her make my videos? Won't it be cheaper?

Cheaper, sure.. but your product video should be one of your company’s most important marketing asset. Our team has years of experience in film, visual design, script writing, voice talent, editing, audio production, storyboarding and more. PLUS we have years of experience working in the promotional industry. There is no other medium that can tell the story of your company or show off your product with immediate results than video. It’s best to leave this to a great team of professionals.